November 5, 2011

CMY at 1 Utama

The CMY showroom in 1 Utama moved from the old wing to the new many months ago. The new lot is much bigger than the old one, allowing many more of CMY's extensive product lines to be on display. Big E and me made a visit there a few days ago.

This place is a hifi treasure trove, there is bound to be something an audiophile will find interesting. Let's take a tour:

The front of the showroom with tall glass panels. The display tastefully combined Usher, Naim, Prima Luna and a giant Dynaudio poster

The reception area, you'll be greeted by senior product adviser Steve Chua (on the right), and his assistant

A complete Naim system is set up on one side of the reception area ready for audition...

...and on the other side, a line-up of ProAc's latest loudspeakers doing guard duty

Then there is a rack full of smaller items - headphones, bookshelf speakers, mini systems, iPod docks and subwoofers

If it is not hardware you are looking for, then perhaps some software? Both CD and LP are on sale

Or perhaps some accessories? In a display cabinet, I spotted cables from QED, Siltech and Shunyata; various cones and spike shoes; and turntable accessories from Clearaudio

Behind the reception area is the main listening room. In there more equipment is on display, this is one side of the wall...

...and this is the other side. There is also an AV system in there, but it is not captured on my photo.

The big system in the main listening room.
It consists of Wadia transport-DAC, Jeff Rowland pre-power amplifiers, Dynaudio loudspeakers and Shunyata powerline conditioner.

I have more to talk about the big system above, we spent more than an hour listening to it during the visit. Will do this in the next post.

Contact Steve, CMY 1 Utama, 03-77266893 / 012-6535703.

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